Rehab Ontario is part of the first network of treatment centre’s in Ontario to offer on-sight medical professionals, and proprietary treatment methods with proven success rates. We have the longest running, and most proven treatment program in Canada.
We know it works and We Guarantee It!


We are the Only clinical Mental Health based One on One Recovery program in Canada

Substance Abuse is a Symptom of mental health

It IS NOT A DISEASE but rather "A MENTAL CONDITION brought about by Concurrent Disorder"

"The most successful way to Recover from Substance Abuse is to treat the Mental Health"

12-Step programs treat the symptoms NOT the cause!

We treat those stricken with mental health issues… whether or not you believe you have a Substance Abuse problem.

Call us and speak with a professional.  Let us help.

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Choosing the right treatment centre can save your life! You need a treatment program that focuses on success, and understands what it takes to achieve that. Rehab Ontario is here to serve and ensure your success.

Government programs are slow, outdated and simply ineffective. Call us and we would happy to explain why a private program works. Get help today, not when a spot is available. Your life may depend on it!

We are so confident that our unique recovery program will work, that we back it with a Lifetime Guarantee in the event of relapse. NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Why Us?

  • Our Staff

    Our psychologists, psychotherapists, and clinical therapists hold Ph.D.s or are master’s-level therapists, all with numerous years of specialized experience in substance abuse and mental health disorders.

  • Our System

    We are the ONLY program in Canada with daily one on one Therapy. We use therapists, not counselors to provide therapy. Counselors provide counselling.

  • Our Methods

    We include everything at our centres and our program is considered the very best as we are NOT 12 step. As it is currently, most of all other private centres in Canada are all 12 step based programs, and of course the government facilities are 12 step. 12 step is a long proven short term recovery with low success rates……even if the private centres you may speak to say they provide counseling as the highlight of their program. Counseling from counselors is not enough! You need a Mental Health Psych based program delivered ONLY by masters level or PHD therapists. We use ONLY these type of Therapists. Our Counselors provide counselling as well in a one on one setting and group. Your loved ones best chances for recovery with the highest success rates is through a Therapeutic based program only – not typical 12 step or just counseling! Ours is all mental health and concurrent disorder based and we boast all mostly one on one therapy for our program – You or your loved one will have one on ones every day during treatment – EVERY DAY


Rehab Ontario…

is part of one of the longest running recovery program networks and we know that an important part of a successful rehab program is the environment that you live in.

At our Ontario location you will tranquility and a retreat like environment so that you can focus on getting better.

Visit our photo gallery and see for yourself.  These are actual and recent photos of our rehab centres in Ontario.

Our private recovery centre will almost ensure immediate access to treatment, and we have an expedited and focused admissions process that will be customized to your needs, and get you the dedicated treatment as soon as possible.

We are dedicated to saving lives, and we have created a program designed specifically to make that happen.

Resort Setting for Rehab OntarioResort Setting for Rehab Ontario

Just 50% of Canadians would tell friends or co-workers that they have a family member with a mental illness, compared to 72% who would discuss a diagnosis of cancer and 68% who would talk about a family member having diabetes.

According to a 2008 survey (Canadian Medical Association (2008). 8th annual National Report Card on Health Care. Retrieved from ),

[All photos are actual photos of our Ontario locations.]

The photo here presents some great amenities of our retreat property.  Located in the North Toronto area, this is truly is one of Ontario’s best settings to successfully complete your rehab program.  Great focus generates great results, and is a key factor in how are program has one of the highest success rates in Canada.

Group sessions and counselling takes place in a serene, private and undisturbed location so you can fully focus on the healing process and your dedicated rehab program. 

Ontario Rehab Resort Sunset
Campfire at Ontario Rehab Resort
Lake-front of Ontario Rehab Resort
Spacious Conference area for Ontario Rehab

INTRODUCING.... Our Newest Location!



We are proud to introduce you to our NEW Peel Place Retreat location, expanding and responding to the increased demand for our program in Ontario.

This retreat and recovery centre is designed in three sections allowing for private and segmented residential care which can be customized on demand based on care needed at the time.  It’s a revolutionary step in quality, customized care that again sets us apart from our competitors. 

  • Proven, proprietary treatment methods

    Our methods are proven, and our success rates back it up. Your life is worth succeeding at recovery.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    We believe in our process, and back it up fully! We want you to succeed, because your life is worth saving.

  • One of Canada's nicest rehab locations. Luxury Estate setting in Ontario

    Choose a centre that provides you the right place to recover. Private, resort setting makes treatment more effective.

Is your health worth a phone call that can change your life?

We provide you a toll-free phone number, and 24-hour answering service. We want to speak with you, and look forward to making a difference in your life. You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Because we are a private rehab facility, we take a deep interest in caring for each individual based on their specific needs. This allows us to come up with an individual plan for each client, the intensity levels, personal therapy needs, length of stay, etc.

Our individualized therapy program basis is powerful and has a great impact so it only helps to know more. Due to the above, giving pricing information here without knowing what the condition is premature.

Private rehabs can be very costly and you should know what is included; In Canada pricing can range from $10,000 to $25,000 per month. However, when compared to other private rehabs and what they offer, our prices are more than worth your loved ones best chance in Canada for success – know exactly what you are getting and for what!

There is a big difference in costs for the right professional staff like ours as compared to the other private rehabs in Canada that use mostly counselors, recovery workers and occasional psychotherapists. We use the highest in quality staff such as Psychologists and Clinical therapists where all the others do not.



Our specialists will try to assess the situation to the best of their abilities and explain personally the difference between us and all the rest in Canada and give you their honest opinion on what will solve all your needs and what the final price will be. If you don’t want to call and prefer to be called or emailed instead, go to our contact page and submit your info. In there, clearly state that you prefer email correspondence, or good times for a call and please remember to include your number.

However, if you would rather just come in right away, as payment we accept:
Major credit cards: Visa & Mastercard;
Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer;